Daily mood & routine-tracker

Track, improve & change your habits & life.

How? Track your mood, your days and your habits/routines to create a better life. 

No app, no account, no credit card or anything, just a simple Google Docs Spreadsheet that you copy and save to your private storage. 

Just click on the button, follow the instructions, and you have your own tracker in 30 seconds. 

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The rise of the connected world in combination with the rise in overall quality of life are tremendous achievements we should be proud over.

But I believe it also comes with a negative side. 
I’m not a scientist, or a scholar of any kind, but I believe that the rise of technology and easier living, also takes a huge toll on mental health across the board. 

From my point of view, we are facing an epidemic due to this. And I believe that it can be battled with one of the causes to it, Technology. 

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Why routines, habits & a spreadsheet?

With a career in digital marketing in my luggage, I know the importance of tracking if you want to improve something. So I’ve applied this to life as well. 

Routines – When life gets hard, having routines to fall back on means the world. They will help you get through the bad days in a way that also brings something ”productive” to them.

Habits – If it’s a bad habit (purple), it’s a lot easier to prevent relapses if you see the progress you’ve made. If it’s a good habit (green) it’s alot easier to keep consistency.

Daily mood – By tracking the daily mood, It’s easier to see correlation between your activities (habits & routines, etc.) and your overall happiness.
Thus, pushing you to keep going. 

Google Spreadsheet – I wanted this tool to:
1. Be Completely free,
2. Not requiring me to install an app or something. 
3. Be easy to use without a learning curve. 

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