Work for the soul.

Today started at 6.30, on about 4 hours of sleep. Straight to the passenger seat and trying to wake up properly on the road. After 4 hours of driving we arrived in Västervik, and I had gotten about 1 hour of work done in the car.

Today’s mission (which will be continued tomorrow) was to work through a long to-do list regarding the sailracing boat. Physical work is something I enjoy, and even though I’m in one of the most stressful periods of my life, I was able to enjoy most of the day, without being too overwhelmed by the usual pressure that await me come monday.

The facility that we use to store and work on the boat is a 3000 sqm factory that used to be an old sawmill – which today is used to create high-tech carbon components – located just by the sea and run-down enough to make you feel like you are entering a soviet-style antagonist lair in a hollywood production.

9 hours of effective work went by in a jiffy, after which we drove in the setting sun to our teammates 50 feet sailboat located in a small harbor with a few cabins and small fishing boats gazing out over the open ocean. A simple barbeque dinner later and now I am here, 22.49, about to place my head on the pillow and my body in the sleeping bag, to spend the second night in a boat this year (with the first one performed here as well, after an almost identical day).

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