This wednesday I came home from Sandhamn, where we crossed the finishing line of the ÅF Offshore Race 2019 in the afternoon as winner in our class (as well as winning the ÅF Inshore Race).

However, during these races I noticed that I’m not where I want to be performance wise (strength & endurance), and that’s not a situation I’m comfortable finding myself in when we compete in the ORC European Championship 2019 in about a month from now.

I’m going to solve this with a focused effort, and I’ve decided to document it day by day right here for increased accountability.

Saturday – 6th of july:
(Late) Breakfast: Oatmeal with frozen mango & coconut oil. A cup of coffee and a couple of

Training/activity #1: Walk to Hornsberg Strand (Point 65n). 4.9km

Training/activity #2: Kayaking in a beginner (i.e. slow) kayak. Focus on maintaining high pressure in long (5-10min) intervals to increase endurance. 7.9km

Training/activity #3: Walk back home 4.9km

Training/activity #4: high-rep & intense (10 second pauses) weightlifting combining full body excercises with arms & shoulders. 20min

Lunch/Dinner: 400g of lasagna and two eggs.

Mini-cheatday: 200g of candy and three (yep, 3) donuts.

Goal for the night: 8 hours of sleep.

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